Preserving Local History

Ripon Local Studies Research Centre Website Ripon Local Studies Research Centre exists to encourage and carry out research projects relating to the history and archaeology of Ripon (North Yorkshire) and the surrounding area. The Centre was founded in October 1999. It also supports education projects and serves as a Drop-In Centre where the general public can report finds, ask questions and be offered assistance with personal and Family History research.

The Centre is a non-profit making body run by volunteers to provide a free service to the Ripon locality. Its income comes only from donations, grants and fund-raising events and it is affiliated to Ripon Improvement Trust (reg. charity 1002851).

Ripon History Project

An important aim of the Centre is to research and record the history of Ripon - especially major events, key personalities and important changes. The Centre has already published 100 articles on the city's past in the Ripon Gazette and intends that these will be published in book form in 2004.

Ripon Listed Buildings Project

Ripon has over 250 buildings Listed by the Department of the Environment as of historical or architectural importance. The long term aim of the project is to gather together on file or database all the relevant information about these buildings - not just their architecture but also details of their owners, occupiers and uses over the years. Volunteers have begun to come forward to adopt one of Ripon's Listed Buildings and then research its history. Guidance is provided!

Ripon Community Archaeology Project

The archaeology project relates not just to Ripon but to a large area around it containing many villages. The aim is to record on file and database all known archaeological sites, finds and excavation reports for this area, after which previously unknown sites will be investigated by carrying out fieldwork and studying aerial photographs.

Lottery funding enabled this project to begin in February 2002 and attention was initially focused on the City of Ripon and the villages to the north and east. The current activity is concentrating on parishes to the south. Meetings are held regularly on a Friday morning at Copt Hewick Village Hall and fresh volunteers are invited to offer their services.

Village History Project

The Local Studies Centre aims to encourage the compilation of village histories in the Ripon area where this has not already been done, and the long term aim is to eventually achieve 100% coverage.

Family History Project

The Centre receives many enquiries relating to Family History, and offers specialist advice and some resource material. In providing this service it works closely in conjunction with Ripon Historical Society and the County Library where a wealth of resource material is available. Information about Family History websites is available at both locations.

Ripon Records Project

An important function of the Centre is to facilitate research into local and family history by having Ripon area records that are held in outlying Record Offices microfilmed for immediate use in the Ripon County Library.

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