Ripon Museums New Workhouse Block Opens

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Ripon Museums New Workhouse Block Opens

The new main block at the Workhouse Museum opens to visitors from Wed 19 July.

Come and see the Master and Matron's parlour, pantry, Master's study and schoolroom as well as the original dining hall which houses a newly commissioned artwork, Consumption, by artist Pippa Hale.

Consumption is a filmed artwork which explores a Victorian pauper's meal in 1861 and aims to bring alive the experience of living in the Workhouse.

This new block doubles the size of the Workhouse and provides more space to show our collection, as well as helping us to present the stories of the past in new and varied ways.

Following this initial opening Martin Wills, the curator in charge of the Workhouse Museum's exciting expansion plans, will start to look at other interesting and exciting attractions that the building can host.

To share your ideas with Martin Wills on how you think the workhouse could be used, or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer or simply have any questions about the project, please contact