Flooded pub back in business!

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Flooded pub back in business!

THREE weeks after being flooded out, a riverside pub at Ripon is back in business, thanks to a little help from its friends.

The Water Rat is holding a re-opening party and barbecue from 6pm tomorrow and everyone is sure to be impressed with its restored floral displays.

Its original displays were washed away in the floods of June 15, but thanks to help from The Walled Garden Scheme, who donated plants for the tubs and helped plant them this week, it is blooming again.

The pub is a customer of the Walled Garden, who made up it's hanging baskets which were unaffected in the floods.

"The Walled Garden said we have got a load of plants â€" can we come and plant them for you to help out a bit," said War Rat landlord Rick Jones.

"It is fantastic â€" it really helped out and has made the pub look so much better, especially for the re-opening."

It is a case of what goes around, comes around for the Walled Garden, who itself received a lot of help from the community when burglars struck at its premises last year.

Manager Chris Searle said they read in the Gazette about the Water Rat's plight after the flooding and thought it was awful.

"The community came and helped us when we needed it and we felt amongst us that it was only right to help out in the community when help is needed elsewhere."

During the flooding the Water Rat had to be evacuated as the River Skell overflowed its banks. Mr Jones said he was looking forward to welcoming customers back foloowing a hectic three weeks of work to repair the flood damage.

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